Inuit Sculptor, Angus Kaanerk Cockney
'Arctic Inhabitants' - Commission,
Speaker's Chair, NWT Legislative
Assembly Building

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Ice Walker Moons

Raised in the Far North

Born in Tuktoyaktuk, NT, in Canada’s Western Arctic, Inuit sculptor and multimedia artist, Angus Cockney spent 13 years in a Catholic-run residential school in Inuvik, NT. Later, Angus ventured South to study audio-visual communications. Returning to the North after completing his studies, he began creating art based on his culture, his concern for the environment and his desire to be an educator and spokesperson supporting the Inuit art world and northern peoples.

Lives in the South

Angus is now based in Canmore, Alberta and maintains a studio at his Rocky Mountain home and continues to create his art. He also actively pursues commissions and speaking tours throughout Canada and abroad.

Polar Adventurer & Motivational Speaker

A former champion cross-country skier, Angus was chosen to accompany the 1989 Robert Swan "Icewalk" expedition to the North Pole as the Canadian member of an international team. Designated the team photographer, he captured many subtleties of the Northern environment in his imagery. The ice, snow and light patterns of the high Arctic continue to be reflected in his multi-media works and his stone sculpture.

A Versatile Artist

Drawing on a rich and varied life experience, Angus Cockney works with stone and other media - traditional in form but with a flexibility of thinking that embraces contemporary topics. "I'm a Canadian artist", Angus says. "I like to explore new media because through knowledge, comes power."

Angus in front of his wall mural - Yellowknife Public School
Wall Graphic - Catholic High School, Yellowknife, NWT